Guinea Pig Palace Info


Intro to Piggies!

Howdy!  My name is Julia, and I love guinea piggies!  They are high maintenance and more prone to illness than some other small pets but are so loving. If you are reading this before purchasing or, hopefully   adopting,your new piggie pal, and have never had a piggie before, these are some things you need to know before reading further:

1) I suggest guinea pigs for children 9 and over(and they will need help from parents)

2) If you plan on getting two or more guinea pigs(which you probably should), get them at the same time so that neither shows dominance.

3) Make sure you already know of a vet who treats guinea pigs, in case your poor piggie pal gets sick.

4) If you are positive that you are going to get a guinea pig, make sure you check him/her over before purchasing/adopting (wheezing, coughing, visible bugs on fur, discharge from eyes or nose are very bad signs.)

5)If you buy a female piggie at a pet store where they keep the males and females together there's a good chance it's pregnant.(Even if they tell you it's too young to be.)

Piggies are very social animals who need cagemates as well as human friends. They are not animals to put in a cage and ignore, so plan on a lot of floor time and hugging.  Adult supervision is ALWAYS necessary with children 8 and under.   More pages will be coming, so check back soon.