Guinea Pig Palace Info


Piggies like to Play

Most piggies love to play outside of their cages! Running around nibbling on everything in sight. But piggie playtime can also be dangerous for them, so here's some safety tips

1) The best place for your piggie to play is in an uncarpeted hallway with all doors closed. (your piggie might like to nibble your carpet)

2) My piggie Molly loves to run between two people and it's safe for her too.

3) If you have other pets such as dogs and cats (rabbits should never come in contact with your piggie) it's best to put them in another room.

4) Keep piggies away from areas that have been sprayed for bugs.

5) All house hold cleaners should be kept AWAY from your guinea pig.

6) If you want your pigie in the room with you but don't want to play you can build a play pen with the same materials as the cages at

7) One of the MOST important things about piggie playtime is to never let your pig play on chemically treated grass.